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This track was recorded live and sounds exactly like the band. I am playing the organ.

The band did some test recordings and found the perfect spot in the club and used a stereo boombox
sitting directly in front of the light/mixing console to record this track.

To digitize the track all I did was plug the output from the stereo cassette desk into the input of the
computer sound card and press record on the audio recording software.


At the time that this was recorded I owned a TEAC four-channel reel-to-reel tape recorder which I
used to record my bands live as in this example. I play the organ as well as the bass on a synth live.

I mixed the drums and the synth bass on the first channel using both the front microphone and the
rear line inputs and recorded the guitar on the second channel. I recorded the keyboards on the third
channel and the vocals on the last. I mixed the four channels down to stereo using a TEAC Model 2
four-channel mixer.


This multitrack recording was created using my TASCAM Porta5 MiniStudio four-track cassette
recorder, two (2) Roland Juno 106 synthesizers and a Roland TR-808 electronic drum machine.

I recorded the electronic drums and the synth bass together in a stereo mix on the first two channels.

I then recorded the wah-wah rhythm on the third channel and finally the synth solo on the fourth.

I mixed the track and digitized it by plugging the stereo output from the four-track cassette desk into
the stereo input of the computer sound card and pressing record on the audio recording software.


This track was created using Steinberg Cubase Elements and a M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 USB piano

I recorded the drums using Steinberg Halion Sonic and the bass using the AMB ElectraBass VST.

I then recorded the guitar part with the VG Electric Edition VST.

I recorded the two rhythm parts using the PolySix VST and Halion Sonic VST.

Lastly I recorded the sax solo using SaxLab 2 VST.

To digitize the MIDI arrangement I exported the stereo mix from Cubase Elements.

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You can visit the Multimedia Studio webpage
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including the various configurations for audio output.

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