There are several aspects of DAM MAD TV that require an explanation. The first one, of course, is the origin of the name itself.

The movie “Network”, starring Jane Fonda, has a scene where a newscaster has a breakdown on camera where he repeats

“I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it anymore.”

And the listening audience follows his directions and shouts the same words out their windows.

Taking that exact same sentiment and looking for how to manipulate that sentiment into a catchy phrase for easy recognition resulted in DAM MAD. Say it forward or backwards, there is no change as it still says the exact same thing.

The various elements of the logo image below also require some explanation. Starting with the background, the “Stars and Stripes” is upside down. The act of flying a national flag upside down is a recognized maritime signal of distress. I am flying “Old Glory” upside down in regards to both the literal and figurative attacks on the “Sanctity of Individual Rights” by the government that flag represents. The government has their priorities backwards and upside-down.

Those attacks on “inalienable rights” provokes the response that is politely illustrated by the coiled snake image, which is a Photoshopped version of what is called the “Gadsden Flag”. The coiled snake in the middle with the words “Don’t Tread on Me” was a precursor to the “Stars and Bars”.

Directing the DAM MAD sentiment at the attacks by the government on individual rights and liberties provokes the middle finger response every damn time!!! The DAM MAD sentiment and the middle finger are the inseparable response to ANY attacks on the “Sanctity of Individual Rights”!!

That provides a provocative insight into the design considerations of the logo image. That image is definitely designed to provoke a response of some sort. The entire purpose of DAM MAD TV is to provoke a personal pondering of the political and philosophical principles that are the central foundation of equal justice and individual rights.

DAM MAD TV is the online presence for DAM MADThe Foundation, which is dedicated to provoking the principles of protection inherent in the “Sanctity of Individual Rights”.

One of the major efforts of DAM MAD TV is to provide a provocative review of those individual rights as they are defined in the original founding documents. Using the original language and principles defined by that original language to support the concept that the phrase the “Sanctity of Individual Rights” is the original founding fathers most prized legacy that needs to be revisited and enforced in the terms they defined it.

To that end, DAM MAD TV has drafted a set of political principles (Manifestos) that perform that provocative review and relate that review to a variety of rights abuses that are much too commonplace to be acceptable. Appropriately called –

“The Sanctity of Individual Rights”

The use of the word “sanctity” is most deliberate for several reasons.

Best one word definition of “sanctity” is “sacredness”. Hits the nail on the head.

The language in the Declaration of Independence puts it this way – “endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights….” That defines sacred – gifts from God, however you might visualize that power.

Dictionary definition I like best for “sanctity” is “safe from assault, trespass or violation by custom/law.”

Backing up to the beginning of that sentence in the Declaration of Independence – “We hold these truths to be self-evident.” Self-evident means automatically (that is the self part) so obvious there is no debate or discussion - nor dissent. (That is the evident part) Beyond question and inviolate. (That is the truth part) Dig out your own dictionary and confirm.

With all that plain language defining the truth of the superior nature of individual rights by virtue of being beyond government assault, trespass or violation, the only principle that expresses that truth is that

“Individual rights are not superior unless they are protected.”

And the reverse is just as true as statement.

“Individual rights are not protected unless they are superior.”

And both of those conditions are what the original founding fathers drafted into the foundation of the system of laws they established. And are, for the most part, the same principles that the Supreme Court of the United States has consistently applied in their interpretations of the language in those original founding documents.

However, recent government priorities have shifted away from providing those individual rights with the protection those rights deserve and are entitled to receive towards ignoring the protections as if the protections do not exist.


And DAM MAD TV is an online forum to share and define why the “Sanctity of Individual Rights” is a subject that needs to be revisited and enforced. The more individuals who become aware of their “inalienable rights” and demand those rights be protected, the better protected those rights become.

The phrase “Power to the People” has the correct agenda, it just has the words in the wrong order to convey the full impact of the phrase. The correct order is

The People ARE the Power

The sole purpose and mission of DAM MAD TV is to provoke everyone to consider the need to endorse and enforce

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