The Digital Rock'n'Roll
Orchestra and Chorus


Welcome and thank you for your interest in the

Digital Rock'n'Roll Orchestra and Chorus

or using its initials, DR ROC (pronounced Doc-tor Rock) for short.

DR ROC is a digital symbiosis and collaboration between two different parties - one a digital performer and the other a digital translation device. But first, let's examine each of the words in the full name of DR ROC.

It is Digital. It is based completely on digital software and technology for all aspects of both recording and playback.

It is RockíníRoll. It definitely meets the standard set on American Bandstand, itís got a beat and you can dance to it. But the defintion of rock'n'roll that fits DR ROC the best is that the music is based on the use of multiple drum beats (polyphonic polyrhythms), multiple electric guitars and heavy on the (synth) bass.

It is an Orchestra. Digital audio sampling technology puts much more than the sounds of an entire orchestra at oneís fingertips. So, in addition to a full rock rhythm section, the music also taps the full sonic potential of both traditional orchestral and synthesized sounds.

And it is a Chorus. Ditto on digital audio sampling adding the many facets of the human voice to the mix.

A little explanation as to the somewhat cryptic menu button headings.

    WHO - Details about the human element in DR ROC
    WHAT - Details about the technology element in DR ROC
    HOW - Details about the configuration of DR ROC
    WHY - Details about the reason for the need for DR ROC
    WHEN - Details about future performances of DR ROC
    WHERE - Details on how to contact DR ROC
    LISTEN - Music tracks created by DR ROC

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