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All of the configuration is accomplished by the use of software.

The Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate operating system automatically recognized and configured the two identical SoundBlaster Audigy 2 soundcards with no conflicts.

But the Steinberg Cubase software could not automatically identify and connect to all of the outputs on the soundcards using the ASIO software drivers included in that software installation and the Windows soundcard drivers.

So I updated the ASIO software to the most recent version and then I installed the kXProject soundcard drivers because those drivers automatically configured the driver installation so that all of the separate soundcard outputs on both soundcards were recognized by the updated ASIO software as TWELVE separately available outputs.

The MIDI controller(s) connect to the computer(s) via USB and are automatically recognized and configured by the Windows 7 Ultimate operating system and the Steinberg Cubase software drivers.

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