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DR ROC is a digital symbiosis and collaboration between two different parties, Chaz Williams and the subject of this webpage - the techology element of that collaboration.

As the images below illustrate, there are two different workstation versions of DR ROC. The first workstation immediately below is codenamed Jupiter and is confined to the studio because it is connected to a three dimensional sound system installed in that studio and the workstation below that - codenamed Juno - is the live performance version.

Both workstations are based on the Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate operating system and Steinberg's Cubase digital audio workstation (DAW) software. And even though both workstations share the same operating system and software, that is where the similarities end.


The computer that is the brains of the DR ROC Jupiter workstation has the following components:

    ASRock MOBO
    AMD 8750 FX 8-core CPU
    16 GB RAM
    Twin Soundblaster Audigy 2 (SB0400) soundcards
    Wireless computer keyboard and trackball
    Liquid CPU cooler
    500 GB SSD System Hard Drive
    6 TB Hard Drive Space

In addition to the computer, the Jupiter workstation also includes these components:

    Twin 24 inch monitors
    M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 USB MIDI keyboard controller
    Yamaha 12 channel USB Stereo Mixer


The DR ROC Juno workstation has the following components:

    HP 355 G2 Laptop computer
      Quad-core CPU
      16 GB RAM
      500 GB SSD System Hard Drive

    Alesis Vortex USB/MIDI Keyboard "Keytar" Controller
    Wireless computer keyboard and trackball
    Wireless Stereo Headphones
    Altec Lansing Series 100 Powered Speakers

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