It has been my personal experience as I learned my wide range of digital skills that I learn and remember much easier and faster if I actually operate a computer keyboard and mouse myself rather than watch someone else show me how to do something by operating that keyboard and mouse themselves.

Based upon that fact, I insist that whomever I am tutoring sit at the computer and operate the keyboard and mouse because those actions reenforce what they are hearing me tell them and what they are seeing on the computer monitor.


Since I have been working with Microsoft Windows since version 3.1, I have learned that there are usually several different ways to input any specific command -

Use your mouse and click on a text hyperlink

Use your mouse and click on a linked graphic

keyboard short-cuts

I have found that because the keyboard buffer stacks multiple keyboard commands and checks that buffer before checking for any mouse input you can input and have the computer execute a sequence of keyboard commands before you would have been able to click your mouse cursor to input the first command in that sequence.

And those keyboard short-cuts are usually listed right along side the links in the drop-down menus standard in nearly all Windows applications and consist of holding down the Alt/Control/Shift key(s) and pressing other keys to send commands. And the keyboard short-cut for any command is the same for nearly EVERY Windows application (Print File = Control P and Save File = Control S) so these keyboard short-cuts have a definite impact on productivity over the entire range of Windows operating systems AND applications.

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